Christian von der Eltz
Media Conceptions Media PR-Content Campaigns + Handouts Formal Communication Statements Documentations + Reports Story-Telling Idea Copy/Conception Photography Layout
Sen. Consultant PR & Creation Executive Creative Director Photographer Guest Professor/University Tutor, Instructor, Coach
Born: 28. August 1961, Germany, NRW 1981:                       Technical Studio Education, APS Munich                                 B. S.  Prange 1982-1985:              Agency Education, BMW/CHC Munich                                 Dr. Wolf Dieter Herbst                                 Account and Project Management                                 Client Consulting                                 Copy/Conception                                 Photo Assistant                                 Cross Media Production                                 BMW Brand- and Launch Campaigns                                 BMW Dealer Network (Promotions,                                 Events, Sales Communication, Press) Parallel:                  Study Marketing Communication                                 FH Munich 1986-1992:             Strategy- and Project Consulting                                                               Creative Director                             
Automotive Motor cycles Beauty, Fashion Bank Insurance Government Departments FMCG
Draft Wordwide Mc Cann Erickson Leo Burnett
Copy/Conception Classic Advertising PR Sales Cross Media Production
1992:                     Founder                               CEA Communication GMBH                               PR- Creation and Photo Studio Studio                   Duesseldorf (Formal Back Office)                               100% Shareholder                              
1992-1994:           Start-up Phase with                              4-A Agency Co-work
Donelly & Gerady Young and Rubicam DDB Euro RSCG JWT Saatchi & Saatchi Ogilvy Publicis
1995-2005:          Independent PR Business
Automotive and Follow up Brands Motor cycles Hospitality Hotel Chains Food & Beverage Tourism/Gouvernment Dept. Fashion Accessory Beauty Lifestyle Heavy Industry FMCG Products
Corporate (Heavy) Industry Retail Luxury Brands Dealer Networks Media, Press Public People
1995-2005 Further Education Guest Auditor Selective lectures Civil Law, HHU-Duesseldorf Penal Law, HHU-Duesseldorf Administrative Law, Cologne Media Law Kunst Akademie, Duesseldorf Art Academy, Duesseldorf Fachbereich: Photography                       Art History                      
Advertsing PR Sales Campaign Development Creation Photography Production
CEA internal
Business Development New Business Project Development Company Management Studio Management
2014:                  The move to Asia                             CEA Back Office Hong Kong                             Studio and work base: Shanghai                                                        
2002-2004 Dr.Wolf Dieter Lasko „Winners Edge“ Management Worksops and trainings Media and PR Co-work with Winners Edge
Consulting: Strategy and Project Creation: Leading Photography: Leading Europe Africa USA Middle America
2015:…             Part Time  Professor                           USST University of Shanghai                           for Science and Technology                           Faculty: Inter Culture Communication                           and University College                           for Media, Art and Design
2007: First business analysis and evaluation for PR Risk Managememt-Tool-Development and Crisis Management: Root cause analysis (RCA) Evaluation Principles- and method development Media case monitoring and documentation Own workflow and procedure optimizing RM/CM Handbook by Christian von der Eltz Active consulting performance in RM/CM since 2008 Strategies Conception Acting  
Preferential Literature and Media Sources International Daily Press Economy Politics and Law Social Life, Life Style Culture and History Art Architecture, Photography, Jazz (Jazz Drumming) Biographies Themes with relevance to societies
2015:                 New brand development: Art Matters Stuff                           for high quality Photography, big prints,                           framing and book production with                           factory joint. (Art and PR) 2018:                 New Media Development PR-Magazine.com                           for digital supplements                2016-2019:       Different Art Exhibitions for Portrait-                          and Street Photography in Shanghai                          Own Photo Book Production in limited                          edition
Real Scenes
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2005-2021:          Brand-, People and                             international Hospitality                             Business                             PR Campaigns                             and Media Content Production                            
HR Business Contract Management Billing and Accounting Financing Legal issues … „Cooking Coffee“
Documentation Reporting Controlling
Education Company for Advertising with IHK Certificate
Creative Director + Photographer
Visual creative concept development… …writing and presentation creative realisation technical realisation Budgeting. Orga. Logistic Management Administration Post Production Media Production Documentation. Reporting. Controlling
Behind the lens interview SMG Media 2016, Shanghai Director of Photography or Creative Director?