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The Master Piece
Creativity starts there, where normal thinking ends ©
Sen. Consultant Sen. Creative Director (Copy/Conception) Sen. Photographer and writing Photo Journalist
Background Long term experience: Agency Company Management Studio Management Team Management Project Management Workflow Management Process Management Administration Business Billing and Accounting Legal Issues Risk/Crisis Management (RMCM) Project Development Business Model Development Media Corporate Communication Branding Public Relations Business Development New Business Client Consulting Branded Companies Institution Administration Dept. Public People Schools/Universities Art and Culture Projects Industry, Retail, Chains, Supplier national: Germany international: Europe Africa, USA, South America, Asia Creation: Copy/Conception Photography Cross Media Production Execution
For whom, what, how and why? First we understand, then „we find words“ …and then we move on to go reasonable steps.
Listening and understand Marketing Communication The briefing Analyze Research Verification of sources Evaluation Planning the next steps…
Project Development (PD)   Business Model Development   Business Planning   Business Presentation   Strategy Project Drafts   Specification Sheets   Corporate Communication   Institution, Administration Dept.   Public People Product- and Service Communication (Back end/Company  Front end/market) Social Life Content with relevance Intercultural Issues Public Media Projects Information/Enlightenment Public Relations Documentation/Reportage Art Matters Stuff
Execution Copy/Conception creative. journalistic. formal. Communication Media Content Story Telling/short and long copy Reportage/Documentation Entertainment Ghost writing Statements Articles Speeches Lectures Writing support (German) Wording Expression Readability Clarity Phonetics Translation: English to German
Visual Concepts Visual Creative Concept Briefing and writing Visual Specification Sheets Visual Media Illustration Concept Artwork Picture Language Development Shot Book/Scene Development
Photography Studio On Location On Spots PR + Art Portraits Destination Portraits Hospitality Hotel F&B Travel Journalism Street Photography Events Stories Documentary Reportage Conflicts Media Content
Production Photo Editing Digital Page Layout Productions Print Layout Productions Print Hand out Productions Book Productions Art Matters Stuff Productions
Project Management Budgeting + Costs Documentation, Reporting, Controlling Project Risk Management (RMCM) Time Management (Deadlines)
Consulting and the ability to act.
How we work
The way to bring your „stuff“ on the street.