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Guest Professor/Tutor Universities Company Manger and staff. One to One (or groups up to 4 people) Introduction and running courses Global Commuication - Social Life > The physical difference between Asian    and European languages. > European communication methods > Fundamental grammar for all language     requirements > Word pool (1.000 up to 5.000 words) practice:…talking, expression, reading, listening, writing, understanding. (Level: Higher German Goethe Institut-Standards for Language Certificate)
German Language Tutoring
Special know how transfer: Language Tutoring > Office Language (wording and terms) > Economic Basics (wording and terms) > Marketing Basics (wording and terms) > (Visuell) Media Communication > Project Management    (wording and terms) > Special Requirements:     Business Applications    (wording and terms) Teaching language is English to German hour fee: 350,00 RMB p. person