Legal Instructions…
CEA Communication & Creative Connections Limited, CEA Studio and  Christian von der Eltz acts as a Studio for Photography and Media Production with full international legal responsibility and guarantee which are standard for commercial Photographers, 4-Agencies, Editors, Magazines, professional Media Producers and Public Media. CEA Communication and Creative Connections, Limited is official representativ of all brands and performances which attaches importance to company-style, business-ethics and legally correct handling of any kind of photo productions since 1992. CEA respect and follows international policies only, based on US and/or  European Media Laws. Any client with other citizenships than the US and Europe need to comply with the US and/or European Media Laws. CEA  deliver a specified handout for legal instructions. If there is any juridical question,  the responsibility for clarification is at client parties side. Some extracts: The Photographer is always creator and  owner of all photo artwork with full legally rights. Clients pay for production and using rights. (copyright, licensing law…) Photos Shootings base on two cost factors. Shooting fee and License fee. Private shootings includes license fee and  license agreement without any extra costs. Commercial shooting fees includes unlimited using rights for all web media. Print media is not included and claims for an additional license agreement, base at a media plan clients have to deliver for calculation. Without a license agreement is no publishing legal. A written warning with costs and lawful damages can be the result. (US,  Europe) The license agreement describes the using rights for the client.. Is there  no special contract, fixed in written form, the Photographer remains unrestricted owner of all photos (Standard).
During a running shoot: Any kind of Photo Shooting-result which is  suitable for advertising, PR (external Web-platform/Magazines) or sales has commercial character. If photos show „suddenly“ brands, logos or product-/brand placement, there is a special endorsement required. If the character of  a Photos Shooting turns intended by client commercial, CEA and Photographer have the right to customise the later license agreement and license fee. Clients may not offer photo artwork with costs (sales, using rights)  to third parties without CEA license agreement for commercial use. Clients are not justified to handout own license agreements without permission from CEA or Christian von der Eltz. A demanding for a Photo Shooting fee including all using rights without any time limit and restrictions is in some cases common. But for that, clients need to offer an adequate proposal with media planning or a list with media production measures. Finally the Photographer has the right to publish photo artwork for reference so long this publishing doesn‘t hurt personal rights. In this case the concerned person or brand has to argue in a formal way, why and how and with which damage the publishing is  fit to comply valid objections. Legal instructions are findable in Google, Bing or any other European or US-Search Engine. Thank you for your attention.                                                                                                          
We respect law.