Inter Culture Communication Consulting
The difference to other countries is not just only the language. This might be too simple. It also has to do with culture, society norms, the different life-styles, habits, traditions … history. Certainly there is a lots more. The language is just only a „kind of technical tool“ to express what we think, what we feel …or how and           why we act …                                       as we act. But we are who we are and where we come from. All that will never change with starting to learn a foreign language. Nobody gets a new identity for this ability. But we will start to change our mind, if we begin to understand the nature of a foreign country. Understanding is the key and with it… communication. Communication is all and everything. Without communication is all and everything…nothing!
Inter Culture Communication means mutual understanding, acceptance and to respect each other. The ability to learn something about another society.              Let‘s talk about Germany. Germany has one of the most important economic in the world. We maintain economic- and business relations with nearly all countries in the world. Millions of people from all over the world visit every year our country for know-how exchange, business opportunities or discovering cities, historical places and events. Others want to study here or they found their personal happiness.  
But the real question is always the same: „Why is Germany one of the leading nations in the world?“ We have just only round about 82 Million citizens and the distance from north to south is roughly no more than 1.000 kilometer. Not really spectacular. No. But Germany has a very special history. Development and identity are deeply connected with our historical                                                                heritage. To understand this, requires for a research into Germans past. And this past gave us perhaps finally the values and principles for our future. We never choose the easiest way. We think in details with logic, knowledge and experience. We think deep. We have questions and we try to find answers for the best solution. And that works.
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The reasonable success base on trustworthiness, reliability and the compulsion to deliver the highest possibly quality we can. That makes Germans perhaps sometimes too critical compared with others. Objective? Maybe… Yes! A foreign manager in a German company or a supplier for the German market should understand and accept the highest level of principles, operations,efficient work flows and quality management. Germans want, that all works perfectly and not just only in a good way… in any business. The key is communication. „Say what you do and do what you say. A promise is a promise; a commitment is a commitment. Never change… And be prepared.“ German quality management and also German project- or contract management does not agree with things by halves.
German business communication, which means: correspondence, documentation, controlling and reporting is always binding, direct and clear. Also phone calls, e-mails and especially personal contacts. Germans manager claim for accountability. Otherwise German shows tolerance and ask so long, there is the answer they can expect. Failing this …and there is no next step.
Another aspect is the German Social Life. This is very often to combine with business. German courtesy base on formally talking and behaviour. And really nobody expect from a foreigner perfect German grammar. But there are „goes“ and „no goes“ in German behaviour. And of course the lectures will deliver everything, to prepare „students and clients“ for any situation which is conceivable.
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